Santorini Half Day Cruise Tours

Santorini Half Day Cruise Tours

Santorini Half Day Cruise Tours

Santorini Catamaran Cruises. Let’s go sailing today!

Water, water, everywhere, not a single drop to drink. Everyone understands from this famous line that we are speaking of ocean or sea water. Though the ocean water is very salty & inappropriate to drink, all of us have a craving to enter into the deep oceans & seas. Fortunately or unfortunately, all of us are not swimmers. But that does not discard the fact that all of us can go & enjoy on a ship or a steamer or a boat on the surface of the water. And we are sure, starting from children to elders to older people, all like CRUISE TOURS.

One of the tours in a cruise is nothing but Santorini Half Day Cruise Tours. Once you know the specialty of the cruise, you can’t resist yourself to come & enjoy the cruise tour. The Santorini Half Day Cruise Tours is designed for a small group as most people like to travel, but prefer to be in smaller groups. Too much crowded place seems to be like a fish – market. So, we have planned the tour for a maximum of 12 people.

Santorini Half Day Cruise Tours

The Santorini Half Day Cruise Tours cover the places Ammoudi Bay, Thirasia, Aspronissi, Red Beach, White Beach, Volcano  & Hot Springs. We will travel in Lagoon 450 catamaran. We have made all arrangements for meals which will be prepared on board & along with that wine, soft drinks, and water.

According to the US News, Ammoudi Bay is the No. 2 thing that is to be prioritized in Santorini. It is a fascinating sight, with its blue and white buildings, and the rocky bay itself provides for one of the most beautiful sunset sceneries anywhere in the world. As you know that the Bay is one where the land curves inwards in a sea, you just will wonder to see the scene on the spot where the water body curves & the land is taken back. The beauty in the Aegean Sea is worth appreciable. Most people are very fascinated to take photos along with the sunlight, water body i.e. Sea & themselves in the Voyager. We are sure; you will fill your cameras with all the photographs in the single spot. So, be prepared to download them into your lappy or have a very high memory chip loaded to your camera.

Thirassia Island, although exactly opposite the Santorini caldera, is a complete contrast from Santorini. Quiet and undeveloped, it is almost untouched by tourism. The island of Thirassia comes under the jurisdiction of the Community of Oia.

Aspronisi is a WHITE ISLAND in the Cyclades Island Complex of Greece. Aspronisi along with Thirasia and Santorini are well known for their unique beauty in the Greek touristic resort Santorini. Santorini is the second biggest tourist destination in Greece and is well known for its unique sunsets. Internationally, it has been acknowledged as one of the ten best sunset views in the world.

Red beach in the Akrotiri area is a beautiful beach, well known for the unique colour of the sand and the hill behind it. Soaring red lava cliffs which drop right into the sandy shore and into the clear blue sea make it a majestic setting and the one to enjoy. Agios Nikolaos church in Akrotiri is a special place near the excavations area of this island.

Next, you go the White Beach & enjoy your whole trip. The special feature here is that you also have an opportunity to see the beautiful volcanic location. The entire beauty of Santorini goes to the Volcanoes which have created variety of stylish landscape & colourful rocks for everyone to enjoy. Each coloured rock has also been converted into a special place or island. So, thought volcanoes put a negative effect during the eruption period, the positive beauty now is what you enjoy. So, in other words, we can say that “Every dark cloud has got a silver lining.” In your case, someone has seen the dark clouds  & now you are able to see the silver lining during the period of your tour.

Similarly, hot springs are the places which have hot water coming out through some outlets of rocks or mountains. So, some people enjoy the bath in hot springs. You too can take the opportunity in this tour.

All the special features in Santorini Half Day Cruise Tours, along with the food in your Voyager being freshly prepared will just add to the entertainment & satisfaction you get here. Truly, no one can ever forget the beauty & the tour which you enjoy here, especially in the Voyager. You are one of the luckiest groups once you see the beauty of the spot in the water body going with a slow speed rather than viewing it from Space or Land. Though slow in pace, it is worth enjoying. So, nothing more to do. Just pack up & come to us. We will take care of the rest……………….

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