Santorini Half Day Cruise Tours

Santorini Half Day Cruise Tours

Santorini Half Day Cruise Tours

Santorini Catamaran Cruises. Let’s go sailing today!

Water, water, everywhere, not a single drop to drink. Everyone understands from this famous line that we are speaking of ocean or sea water. Though the ocean water is very salty & inappropriate to drink, all of us have a craving to enter into the deep oceans & seas. Fortunately or unfortunately, all of us are not swimmers. But that does not discard the fact that all of us can go & enjoy on a ship or a steamer or a boat on the surface of the water. And we are sure, starting from children to elders to older people, all like CRUISE TOURS.

One of the tours in a cruise is nothing but Santorini Half Day Cruise Tours. Once you know the specialty of the cruise, you can’t resist yourself to come & enjoy the cruise tour. The Santorini Half Day Cruise Tours is designed for a small group as most people like to travel, but prefer to be in smaller groups. Too much crowded place seems to be like a fish – market. So, we have planned the tour for a maximum of 12 people.

Santorini Half Day Cruise Tours

The Santorini Half Day Cruise Tours cover the places Ammoudi Bay, Thirasia, Aspronissi, Red Beach, White Beach, Volcano  & Hot Springs. We will travel in Lagoon 450 catamaran. We have made all arrangements for meals which will be prepared on board & along with that wine, soft drinks, and water.

According to the US News, Ammoudi Bay is the No. 2 thing that is to be prioritized in Santorini. It is a fascinating sight, with its blue and white buildings, and the rocky bay itself provides for one of the most beautiful sunset sceneries anywhere in the world. As you know that the Bay is one where the land curves inwards in a sea, you just will wonder to see the scene on the spot where the water body curves & the land is taken back. The beauty in the Aegean Sea is worth appreciable. Most people are very fascinated to take photos along with the sunlight, water body i.e. Sea & themselves in the Voyager. We are sure; you will fill your cameras with all the photographs in the single spot. So, be prepared to download them into your lappy or have a very high memory chip loaded to your camera.

Thirassia Island, although exactly opposite the Santorini caldera, is a complete contrast from Santorini. Quiet and undeveloped, it is almost untouched by tourism. The island of Thirassia comes under the jurisdiction of the Community of Oia.

Aspronisi is a WHITE ISLAND in the Cyclades Island Complex of Greece. Aspronisi along with Thirasia and Santorini are well known for their unique beauty in the Greek touristic resort Santorini. Santorini is the second biggest tourist destination in Greece and is well known for its unique sunsets. Internationally, it has been acknowledged as one of the ten best sunset views in the world.

Red beach in the Akrotiri area is a beautiful beach, well known for the unique colour of the sand and the hill behind it. Soaring red lava cliffs which drop right into the sandy shore and into the clear blue sea make it a majestic setting and the one to enjoy. Agios Nikolaos church in Akrotiri is a special place near the excavations area of this island.

Next, you go the White Beach & enjoy your whole trip. The special feature here is that you also have an opportunity to see the beautiful volcanic location. The entire beauty of Santorini goes to the Volcanoes which have created variety of stylish landscape & colourful rocks for everyone to enjoy. Each coloured rock has also been converted into a special place or island. So, thought volcanoes put a negative effect during the eruption period, the positive beauty now is what you enjoy. So, in other words, we can say that “Every dark cloud has got a silver lining.” In your case, someone has seen the dark clouds  & now you are able to see the silver lining during the period of your tour.

Similarly, hot springs are the places which have hot water coming out through some outlets of rocks or mountains. So, some people enjoy the bath in hot springs. You too can take the opportunity in this tour.

All the special features in Santorini Half Day Cruise Tours, along with the food in your Voyager being freshly prepared will just add to the entertainment & satisfaction you get here. Truly, no one can ever forget the beauty & the tour which you enjoy here, especially in the Voyager. You are one of the luckiest groups once you see the beauty of the spot in the water body going with a slow speed rather than viewing it from Space or Land. Though slow in pace, it is worth enjoying. So, nothing more to do. Just pack up & come to us. We will take care of the rest……………….

Santorini Small Group Tours

As per psychology “Man is a social animal.” But we are better than animals & have segregated ourselves from animals by declaring ourselves as intellectual beings. But one nature which all human beings cultivate even now is that man is social. All of us like living in family, with friends, with acquaintances etc. So, we can say that we love groups & today we have created so many groups everywhere including twitter,  facebook, instagram etc. But have you planned a roaming group, a romantic group, a Company (group) on picnic or one where you enjoy cold drinks or wine with your friends?

Santorini Sightseeing Tour

Santorini Sightseeing TOUR: The tour that enhances your mental sense of seeing.

Who doesn’t like to roam different places & see different things? Many people have a hobby to visit to any nearby place which they have, every evening. Some do it every week. And yet some do it monthly & some yearly. The budget, distance of travel, the means of transport etc. are decided depending on the income, the holidays they get, the holidays their children get & the parents time in some cases. But the theme which is common in all of them is to see a site. Sometimes it is a new one & sometimes it is old. Some of you might already have visited almost all local sites in your area. And you still want to visit some new site. You are fed up with the same old sites. Some of you want to see some other sites in the country & some in abroad.

Santorini Sightseeing Tour

If the above cases seem true in your case then you are in the right place reading the right article to guide you in the right way to visit a new site. If you are interested to see the site from a distance but not through flight & you want to take a close look at it, then we suggest you to go in a minibus. See some island areas & enjoy yourself there. The water & the land in the sites are worth seeing. Spend around six hours after breakfast & then go & have rest in the evening. Spend the whole day in the different sights by enjoying the cool breeze there. You may be wondering as to where we are taking you. Yes, we are taking you to the great island on a Santorini Sightseeing Tour.

Santorini Sightseeing TourIn this tour, we have made arrangement for a Sprinter Mercedes minibus. This will give you a nearer as well as farther, it means optimum distance to see the various places & roam there by enjoying sightseeing. In the whole day you will visit the places like Caldera, Oia, Imerovigli, Firostefani, Mt Prophet Ilias, Pyrgos, Megalochori, Akrotiri, Red Beach, Black Beach and Venetsanos Winery. As you know, every place has got a unique history. So, our guides will explain & make you visualize the importance & the historical data of the place. We may give you just a brief on one or two places.

Travelling in the air – conditioned minibus, you will first visit the village of Oia. Most of us are very fond of Beauty Queens. Oia is also a Beauty Queen in itself. Women, by default are beauty lovers & men are beauty admirers. So, a couple will surely understand the meaning of the place whether married or unmarried. Some may also find their personal Beauty Queens during their travel. However, the company may not guarantee you the same or take responsibility of the same.

Santorini Sightseeing TourAs you know, volcanoes have originated from the sea & created the island in this part of the world, in Greece. One such place of volcanic origin worth seeing is Caldera. The caldera measures about 12 by 7 km with 300 m high steep cliffs on three sides. There are two small volcanic islands at the center of the caldera, Nea (New) Kameni and Palea (Old) Kameni. Visible above water is the circular Santorini island group, consisting of the main island. The circular island speaks as if nature can make anything & everything, starting from circle to semicircle, square & many other mathematical figures. So, nature is the best creator & Geometrician. Really, you will admire nature once you visit there. This is guaranteed. Such is the importance of Santorini sightseeing Tour at this place.

So, each & every place in Santorini Sightseeing Tour is so beautiful & worth descriptive. But the limitations of the pen & paper, the typing & reading do apply here too. We are just giving you a glimpse of whatever is possible only on one or two areas, in particular through this article. The details of the other places will remain as a SURPRISE for you. However, if you want you can just go through the highlights of the same in the link  Santorini Sightseeing Tour.

Time is short. Responsibilities are many. So, you have to take the responsibility to take your family & near & dear ones to visit the places & do the real sightseeing. Else everything will seem a fantasy for you. We are here to change your seemingly fantasy of sightseeing in a distant land to a simple trip in an AC Bus. It is as simple as that. All our details of prices, team size, departure & other details are found in the above link.

Finally, we would like to say that no journey has an ending. Journey ends with the end of this life. So, you go on & on & on until you reach the final destination of life called salvation. So, in this journey let’s take time to visit the other beauties which nature has given us. After all, life is too short & in most cases, we hardly get more than 100 years to enjoy life. So, don’t waste your time without giving any entertainment to yourself & others. That life is a valuable one which has given & added value for others.

Santorini Airport Taxi Limo Vans Transfers

Santorini Airport Transportation, Shuttle, Taxi, Limo, Vans, Sedan Service with low flat rates are a convenient way to navigate the island and are ideal for airport pick-ups and drop-offs, as well as going to and from the convention center and cruise ship terminal.

There are also local shuttle companies like Santorini Unique Experience Tour that offer sightseeing tours, daily excursions, and transportation for weddings and private parties. Shuttle service from the airport is available at the transportation plazas across from the JTR Santorini Airport Terminals.

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Santorini Full Day Tours

Santorini Full Day Tours

A small One-day Tour: Santorini Full Day Tour

As you know that Santorini is the Crescent-shaped Island, the precious gem of the Aegean. It is actually a group of islands consisting of Thíra, Thirassiá, Asproníssi, Palea and Nea Kaméni in the southernmost part of Cyclades. The whole complex of Santorini islands is still an active volcano (the same as Méthana, Mílos and Nísiros) and, the only volcano in the world whose crater is in the sea. Everyone likes to visit an island. The ecosystem & the climate which is so equitable in an island put a lot of impact on our body & mind. This type of atmosphere enhances our roaming capacity. The Sea Breeze & Land Breeze which we face in that place look quite interesting. But what if we go to enjoy the place there ourselves, either alone, or with family & friends?

That is exactly the purpose of The Santorini Full Day Tour. The beauty of the tour is that it gives you a small gap & a day to enjoy with your family. You can reach here at the airport & visit the location for a day with the help of our guides & move home with the excitement in yourself & others. The whole island is actually a huge natural geological museum where you can observe a wide range of geological structures and forms. Let’s know a little more about it’s historical fact. The eruption of the submarine volcano Kolúmbo, located 6.5 km. NE of Santorini, on 27th September 1650, was actually the largest recorded in Eastern Mediterranean during the past millennium! The most recent volcanic activity on the island occurred in 1950.

The island is also famous as a romantic getaway in Greece, since there are not many places in the world where you can enjoy exquisitely clear waters while perched on the rim of a massive active volcano in the middle of the sea. The island is also famous as “wedding destination” for couples not only from Greece but from all over the world. A trip to Santorini with the other half is a dream for anyone who has seen at least one photo of the island’s famous Caldera and exchanging kisses beneath Santorini’s famous sunset is the ultimate romantic experience.

Santorini Full Day Tours

The island is also a Paradise on Earth for food lovers. You will love to have traditional products like cherry tomatoes, white egg plants, fava, caper and “hloró tyrí”, a special kind of fresh goat cheese found on the island. Also there are some of the exceptional wines produced from grapes grown in the volcanic soil of the island! Assyrtiko, Athyri, Aidani, Mantilaria and Mavrotragano are just some of the distinctive varieties that you can taste at the island’s famous wineries or at the restaurants.

If you visit the beaches during Santorini Full Day Tour, you find some traditional seaside treasures and enjoy deep blue waters and beaches with white, red or black sand or volcanic pebbles, spectacular rock formations and impressive lunar landscapes. These treasures are not only the treasures found in the island that matter a lot for you, but these are those treasures which will remain in your memory forever. So, you must never neglect to visit such a beautiful island available in this world.

Our guided tour, Santorini Full Day Tour is arranged in the minibus & our local expert will take you to the places Oia, Imerovigli, Firostefani, Pyrgos, Emporio, Megalochori, the famous Akrotiri Excavations, the first industrial winery of Venetsanos family, the Prophet Ilias monastery, the Red and the Black Beach. Get the chance to visit the old towns of Emporio, Megalochori, and Pyrgos. See the churches & enjoy the stunning caldera views from the cliff-terraced villages of Imerovigli and Oia. You have a flexible itinerary, either morning or evening visit as per your choice. You will also enjoy the peak of Prophet Ilias, the highest mountain that stands some 2,000 feet (600 meters) above the sea.

The Akrotiri Archaeological Site, a prehistoric Bronze Age city, frozen in time by ash that fell during the Minoan volcanic eruption 3600 years ago is quite interesting for you. It is considered to be the beginning of the mythical city of Atlantis. Also see Emporio, which is the largest village on the Greek island of Santorini. You get the opportunity to explore many windmills during the course of this journey here.

The departure time, point, return details, the things included or excluded during the tours are also indicated in the link The prices, booking price & booking method are also indicated in this link.

The only thing we would like to say finally is that life is a journey. It is a period between our birth & our death. The only thing that matters here is that how much you have enjoyed during this interval called life. Similarly, you have got a busy schedule doing your work from early morning to late night. In this journey you get an opportunity to enjoy some time with family & friends. Please don’t waste your time simply by making yourself & showing yourself as a BUSY MAN. It is not an achievement in real life. How much you enjoyed life is the real achievement. So, come for the real achievement of life called ENJOYMENT. This life is too small. Find time to enjoy. You are welcome…..

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Tours in Santorini

Tours in Santorini

Who doesn’t like to tour on earth? I hope some of you might be ready to tour the entire Universe. Thought it is practically impossible with the present technology, but some aliens visiting on earth have already done it. A time will surely come for people on earth too to be like them. Our technology needs more up gradation like theirs.
Nevertheless, let’s go on a positive note. We have not yet visited this entire earth till now. Have we? So, why to think about the Universe when the tour on earth is still incomplete?
Yes, let’s select a beautiful place on earth. Which place is beautiful & which is not is a personal matter of choice. Yet, we are very much helpless when we don’t have adequate information about the various places & the benefits which we would get when we visit a particular place. To quench your thirst in this context, let’s discuss the Greek Place Santorini. Many of you are already aware about the great Greek Philosopher Socrates & how dedicated his life for knowledge was & how he drank poison given to him knowing that it was poison, & still send the person giving poison to him, so that his life would not be in trouble. All of you are familiar with many Greek Names & Symbols used in Chemistry & Math. That is the land of Greatness,’ The Epicenter of knowledge & Scientists – Greece.’
Tours in Santorini

Speaking specifically on Santorini, it is an island in the southern Aegean Sea, about 200 km southeast of Greece’s mainland. It is the largest island of a small, circular archipelago which bears the same name and is the remains of a volcanic caldera. It forms the southernmost member of the Cyclades group of islands; with an area of approximately 73 square kilometers having a population of around 15,550. The Island is a special creation out of the volcanic eruption. A giant central, rectangular lagoon, which measures about 12 by 7 km is surrounded by 300 m high, steep cliffs on three sides. The main island slopes downward to the Aegean Sea.
After knowing about the history of the island & the country it belongs to & its greatness, it is inherent that you take a lot of interest about seeing it practicality & enjoying the beauty of the place. To satisfy your thirst on the knowledge of the island, we take you to the highlights of the place & types of tours in Santorini. First, the type of tours we give are SANTORINI FULL DAY TOUR, SANTORINI SIGHTSEEING TOUR, SANTORINI SHORE EXCURSIONS, SANTORINI SOUTH TOUR, SANTORINI HISTORY TOUR, SANTORINI NORTH SIDE TOUR, SANTORINI SIGHTS & WINE TASTING, SANTORINI BEACHES TOUR, SANTORINI HIKING TOURS. The wine special tours include SANTORINI FABULOUS TOUR and COOKING CLASS & WINE TASTING TOURS.
The details of the tours in Santorini are found in the link For example, the specialty of the tour SANTORINI SOUTH TOUR is found in the link Similarly, the itineraries for the different tours are found in the specific links you get on being directed to the first link.
The tours in Santorini are not made for just relaxation but to give a small amount of time in our busy schedule to forget the pressure & strain of life & share some valuable time which normally becomes squeezed for family due to busy life. Time is invaluable. The time which we share with our family is much more invaluable. But we spend it without giving value to the same family which we planned to set up after marriage. So, it’s right time when we value our family & give them the happiness we planned to give them before or after marriage.
Our motto here is to give you people the maximum satisfaction you can get out of life & this tour. Things change & everything changes with time. We need to change the thought process. We need to understand that what we give & get through a visit to the place will decide our outlook about the world. It will give us a scope to change our focus from business or job which we do for others or for the cause of survival to give the maximum utility to self-recreation which enhances & refreshes our mind to function more due to the change it gets from break from day- to- day routine life.
Friends, it’s not time to stay at home. You have studied the value which the Greek philosophers have given to the world. You have studies through the links given in the page about the packages & the places of visit & itinerary. You have understood to utilize time for your internal development & for your family’s happiness. Now it’s time for you to take decision & make a practical work to fulfill all these.
The great islands made out of volcanic eruptions, the great hills, the great sites are waiting for you. Your footsteps here are most valuable as they give us an opportunity here to serve you through the various tour packages.

Shore Excursions Santorini

Shore excursions for cruise passengers visiting Santorini

Shore excursions from Santorini port are a great way to see and experience all that Santorini has to offer.

There are many ways to experience the Greek island of Santorini that we believe you should be able to customize your experience here, choosing what sites most interests you and your group.

Highly recommended for cruise ship travelers visiting Santorini just for a day looking to enjoy Santorini with a tour of the most famous sights in the island.
We can arrange personalized programs for all the passengers arriving with the cruise ships, with respect to their schedule Competitive prices and excellent services.

For our Santorini Shore Excursions, we use modern air-conditions, minibusses and mini coaches up to 20 passengers.

View details and book


Santorini Wine Tour

Santorini Unique Experience Tours is offering you the experience of a comfortable tour around the most important Wineries of the island so that you can discover the secrets of the wines that conquered the world. Learn about the ancient vineyard of Santorini, the history of the island through the centuries and how the volcanic soils influence its winemaking.
The unique soil composition of Santorini’s land, a true volcanic gift, combined with the microclimate conditions of low rainfall but high humidity, are the canvas on which the local vine varieties such as Assyrtiko, Nyhteri, Vinsanto, can express their best qualities.

Visit 3 traditional wineries and cellars in the countryside of Santorini. Taste a selection of 12 different wine styles from Santorini and Greece. Stroll through an actual vineyard on the volcanic soil and discover the unique viticulture.
Enjoy an assortment of local cheese, salami and olives. Discover parts of Santorini’s history through the winemaking.

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