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Santorini Small Group Tours

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Shore Excursions Santorini

Shore excursions for cruise passengers visiting Santorini

Shore excursions from Santorini port are a great way to see and experience all that Santorini has to offer.

There are many ways to experience the Greek island of Santorini that we believe you should be able to customize your experience here, choosing what sites most interests you and your group.

Highly recommended for cruise ship travelers visiting Santorini just for a day looking to enjoy Santorini with a tour of the most famous sights in the island.
We can arrange personalized programs for all the passengers arriving with the cruise ships, with respect to their schedule Competitive prices and excellent services.

For our Santorini Shore Excursions, we use modern air-conditions, minibusses and mini coaches up to 20 passengers.

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